At Tigani Lux we pride ourselves on being an ethical company. That means that the decisions we make in business are driven by our code of ethics. We feel if we’re going to play a role in the fashion world we want it to be a positive one, where the planet and its inhabitants come before profits. That philosophy extends to many facets of business and we are always looking at ways to improve how we interact with the people and processes through which our beautiful pieces evolve. We are also very mindful of production practices that minimise impact, or where possible, improve the planet that we so lovingly call home. This is where eco friendly fashion comes in to play. We’ve been doing the hard work so you can buy from us with confidence that your purchase is planet friendly. In essence this is friendly fashion.


Some of these initiatives include: Using rescued deadstock fabric from discarded garments. Using plant based dyeing processes to avoid chemical use (see video below). Selecting fabrics that have less environmental impact such as Viscose, Organic Cotton and Tencel (a semi-synthetic fibre produced from eucalyptus trees which uses 80% less water to pulp into fibres and five times less land than cotton to produce) Read on to find out more.

Handcrafted Quality

At Tigani Lux we firmly believe that making quality timeless design pieces that can be worn many times is a fantastic way to reduce the impact of clothing on the planet. All of our pieces are hand made and many of our fabrics are hand loomed. This method supports local communities rather than massive companies. In what has become in many ways a ‘throw away society’ quality over quantity is our preferred way. We only release a couple of collections a year and are committed to products that have longevity in their design. Trends are temporary but true style lasts forever.


We produce all of our pieces on the beautiful island of Bali and work closely with only a few family businesses and select other businesses in the supply chain by their proximity so as to reduce the use of resources. 


One of our proudest initiatives in eco friendly fashion is our use of plant based dyeing. We are utilising mother nature’s finest to bring life through colour to our stunning designs. Indigo is fermented for two weeks to produce stunning blues, while Mango Leaf brings yellow tones and bark from the Secang Bark tree brings rich red. These colours are combined to produce a myriad of natural tones. 


There are so many benefits to this method of natural dyeing. These include the health benefits of the workers who are not exposed to harsh chemicals during their daily tasks. The plants are farmed locally too which provides jobs for the local community. The pulp that is left over from this process is mulched and reused at the farm thus utilising any green waste.

Minimal Waste

Further to the green waste being reused the wastewater is also reused after being filtered by the roots of particular aquatic plants.